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About Us

BlueChip is a direct to consumer platform, inspired by athletes, for fans to connect with their favourite athletes from around the globe. Our global platform provides athletes with the tools to develop their own unique brand experience, individualized product, and the platform to create an emotional connection with fans to expand their reach around the world!

“My apparel line represents me as a person” explains Victor Cruz, BlueChip partner and official ambassador. “It’s luxury with some edge to it and I want my fans to feel like they have a part of me with them when they wear my gear.”

By harnessing a changing demographic of fans that are as interested with On the Field activity just as much as Off the field, we put a focus on the lifestyle around sport by creating a hype engine for athletes to reach fans in a new, exciting and authentic way.

“My collection features an ‘AC3’ logo inside wired fence cages because growing up in a tough English neighborhood, cage football was my escape” said official ambassador and former Chelsea and England defender Ashley Cole. “I know there are kids out there just like me growing up today, who love football and use it as an escape from their everyday lives.”